All communications features, one platform

Meet and collaborate with colleagues. Track and manage every customer interaction. Open up new ways to engage customers.

Branding and Customisation

Customise the appearance and experience of your widget with your own branding, business video, icon advertising, corporate tag directory, and corporate staff directory.

Web Call & Live Chat 

Customers can web call and live chat your company at the click of a button through the web widget. Build stronger relationships through personal QR Codes and Web Links for direct calls and chat.

Video and Conference Call

Engage customers with video call straight through the web widget for professional services, product demos, technical guides, consultations and more. Collaborate with colleagues by conference and video call, and screen sharing. 

Virtual Number

Build your global reach with an international toll free number or virtual number. Bring them together in one dashboard to easily manage all your inbound and outbound calling.

Call Recording

Share recordings of your calls and meetings to colleagues, or simply keep track of customer service enquiries in the cloud. 

Smart Routing

Increase your response rates and intelligently connect customers to the best agent by adding call routing rules based on time, traffic, geography, and historical customer interactions.


Send and receive SMS messaging and bulk SMS, or design an international dynamic SMS campaign to convert new customers.


Engage your customers on Facebook with Messenger integration. Send and receive messages without leaving the maaiiconnect omnichannel dashboard. 

Customer Reporting

Leverage live insights and advanced reports developed to improve customer service and customer experience. Know your customers and strategise for growth with more data.